Spicy Jengkol Stew Recipe that is Guaranteed to Make You Craving

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The crunchy and tasty jengkol is delicious to be made into a spicy jengkol stew. The addition of chili makes it taste spicy spicy and always adds to it when chewed.
The distinctive aroma of jengkol is not liked by some people. But if you can process it jengkol can be a delicious side dish. The crunchy and nutty taste goes well with the thick spices.

Spicy Jengkol Stew Recipe that is Guaranteed to Make You Craving

Spicy Jengkol Stew Recipe that is Guaranteed to Make You Craving

In West Java, jengkol is used as fresh vegetables and stir-fried. In West Sumatra, it is known as jariang which is delicious made from rendang to balado. Betawi people have a legit and savory jengkol stew.

This time the typical Betawi jengkol stew is processed with a slightly spicy seasoning. It tastes sweet, savory and spicy. The gravy is thick so it fits perfectly with warm rice. It’s also delicious for a side dish of rice uduk or vegetable lontong.

If you’re already drooling to eat delicious jengkol stew, follow the recipe instructions and tips below.

Total Serving Time : 30 Minutes
For Serving: 10 Servings
Recipe Title: Spicy Jengkol Stew
Category : Vegetables
Cuisine: Spicy Jengkol Stew
Preparation Time : 15 Minutes
Cooking Duration : 15 Minutes
Total Duration : 30 Minutes
Material :
500 g fresh jengkolngkol
5 tbsp vegetable oil
100 ml of sweet soy sauce
3 cm cinnamon
2 bay leaves
3 cm galangal, bruised
Ground spices:
5 pieces of curly red chili
7 red onions
4 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp pepper granules
4 pecans
1/4 nutmeg
2 tsp sugar
1 tbsp salt

How to make :

Clean the jengkol. Then boil water in a saucepan. Enter jengkol. Boil until jengkol soft. Drain well.
If the jengkol is large, crush or crush the jengkol until it is slightly flat.
Ground Seasonings: Grind or mash the spices until smooth.
Saute ground spices until fragrant and cooked.
Add bay leaf and galangal, stir until wilted.
Add jengkol, stir until smooth. Remove, transfer to a saucepan.
Pour water until jengkol submerged. Add soy sauce and cinnamon.
Cook over low heat until the jengkol is soft and the gravy thickens. Remove and cool.


1. To make jengkol stew, choose jengkol that is not too young because it will be mushy in texture. Also don’t get too old because it will be very hard.
2. Jengkol can be purchased fresh with the skin or already boiled. It’s better to boil jengkol with clean water, you can add a few bay leaves so that the jengkol doesn’t smell too sharp.

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